Oak Tree Day Nursery

56 - 58 Blairderry Road

Streatham Hill




Tel: 020 8674 4844





If a child has an accident/ or incident while at Oak Tree Day Nursery, the Nursery Nurse will present to you a copy of the accident / incident record, for parents to sign.  


Complaints Procedure


If you have a complaint about the service that we provide at the nursery please make an appointment to speak to the manger or the director. We will look into the matter and work out an acceptable solution with you. If you feel that you have not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner, you may contact OFSTED at the following address:



Piccadilly Gate

Store Street


M1 2WD


Tel: 08456 404040

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Security and Safeguarding


Our premises are protected by CCTV monitored from the nursery offices and remotely. We have a secure door entry system with camera that enables us to identify callers before allowing them access.


All parents are required to provide a password for their child which we use as additional security when a child is being collected by someone other than their parent. Parents are required to inform us if someone else is collecting their child for them.


We have installed Fingersafe on our doors to protect children’s fingers. Fingersafe is a hinge guard which prevents fingers from being trapped or crushed in hinged sides of open doors.


We record all accidents and incidents and carry out regular risk assessments to ensure that we take preventative action where necessary. Our policies reflect our practice and are continually being updated.All our staff are vetted for suitability prior to employment, CRB checked and references taken. We have appointed Safeguarding, Health & Safety officers and First aiders on site at all times.

Parent’s Evening & Evaluation Process


Parent’s evening will be held three times a year. The parent’s evening is an opportunity to discuss your child’s report, progress and development in an informal environment; this is with your child’s key worker. We will be asking parents to fill out an evaluation form across the year. The evaluation form will be used to improve the service we provide to you as we value your comments.


Meal Times


Mealtimes are an important part of the day. We value the importance of your child receiving healthy well-balanced meals with a good selection of fresh ingredients. We also ensure that mealtimes are fun with the older children helping to serve each other and encouraging table manners.


Settling in Period


We are aware that a settling in period is a delicate transition from the home environment to the Nursery environment; therefore we are suggesting you spend an agreed period of time with your child.

Clothing & Hygiene


Please dress your child in a clean orderly manner in clothes suitable for play bearing in mind the various tactile activities the children will be involved in throughout the day. Shoes should preferably have non-slip soles and long hair should be tied back and fastened with clips. Please do not send your child to nursery wearing jewellery or looped earrings. Your child’s name should be marked on all items of clothing. Babies attending the baby unit will need to be provided with nappies and pre-made bottles of milk to suit their requirements.


Nursery uniform which consists of polo shirt, sweatshirt and school bag with nursery logo are available for the children in the Pre School. You will be given a price list if your child is coming into the Ladybird or Butterfly room.




Prescription medicines are only administered with written consent from the parent, stating the correct dosage and times to be given. All medicines must be clearly marked with the child’s name. The nursery follows stringent procedures to ensure medicines are correctly administered.

Toilet Training


We would like the parents to work with us; together we will be able to encourage your child to become potty trained. Please provide enough spare clothing in the event of an accident.




When a child becomes ill at our nursery, every effort will be made to contact the parent/carer to collect their child as soon as possible. A member of staff will comfort and care for the child until the parent arrives. Please do not send your child to the nursery if he or she has diarrhoea, vomiting or temperature. Please notify the manager before 9.30am if your child is unable to attend.


Child Protection Policy


If a concern may arise, the Nursery Nurse will inform the Nursery Manager in regard of the nature of child abuse and /or neglect; the staff have a responsibility to be aware of Child Protection procedures in line with OFSTED regulations.  OFSTED and the Social Services Department will be contacted promptly.

Registration & Fees


If you wish to book a place for your child, we request that you complete a registration form and return to the nursery with a £40.00 registration fee. Please note that the registration fees are non refundable. A deposit equivalent of two weeks fees is required upon acceptance of a place, followed by 1 week or 1 month’s fees in advance depending on payment arrangement. The deposit is fully refundable.  Preferred method of payment is by standing order. Parents should always obtain a receipt for any payment made.